Real Estate Investing Rules You MUST Know

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Real Estate Investing Rules You MUST Know

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I’m joined today by Mikey Taylor for an in-depth discussion on the realities of real estate investing, the importance of risk management, and navigating the complexities of commercial real estate. As an experienced investor and entrepreneur, Mikey shares valuable insights on building a resilient investment portfolio, understanding market trends, and making informed decisions during economic uncertainty. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting, this conversation is packed with practical advice and actionable strategies.

What You’ll Learn:

– The Reality of Real Estate Investing: Understand why real estate, even as an active investor, requires time and effort, and why there’s no such thing as completely passive income in this field.

– Navigating Market Trends: Learn the challenges of buying at market lows, especially when going against the grain, and how to handle external pressures from media, family, and friends.

– Building a Resilient Investment Portfolio: Discover why diversification is key and how to balance risk and return in your investment strategy.

– Investment Thresholds and Liquidity: Understand the qualifications for accredited investors and how much liquidity is necessary to start investing in commercial real estate.

– The Role of AI in Investing: Explore how Mikey’s firm uses AI in marketing and communications and the potential future applications in deal modeling and operations.

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