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  • Successfully scaled Businesses From The Gutter to Multi-Million Dollar Revenues
  • Spoken to Audiences of Thousands
  • Speaks Nationally & Inetrnationally
  • Advises Fortune 500 CEOs, professional athletes, and entertainers
  • Bootstrap Founder and CEO of Six Successful Companies

About Stephen

Experiance With a Heart

Stephen Scoggins has spent much of his life fighting uphill and for the underdogs in life and business. After growing up in a broken home things went from bad to worse as he was forced to drop out of highschool to help his family keep the lights on, have basic transportation, and find some semblance of financial stability. After years and years of struggle Stephen found himself homeless and overlooking an overpass when what can only be described as divine encounter radically altered the course of his life, leading him to start the first of six of his companies while sleeping in a borrowed friends car to industry leader that now spans several states, with hundreds of amazing team members, and almost 9 figures of annual revenues.

My Mission 

Stephen Can Help You Build a Legacy That Out Lives You

People are not living a life they love not because they’re not capable but because they don’t know how to get there. They are out there in the world floating on a boat—and I am the rudder to give them direction.

I help people Reclaim Hope and give them the practical steps to help give them the transaction they’re looking for to transform their lives and take them from Stuck to Unstoppable.

What I Do

Helping You Win

You’re not making progress in your life and worse, you’re trying to, but you just end up spinning your wheels. Maybe you’re stuck in the same job or you can’t get your business off the ground. Perhaps you don’t have the relationship you want with your partner or things are strained between you and your family or your kids. Nothing is changing. And you might even have significant trauma, baggage, and garbage you need to deal with first before you can get you to where you want to go.

I give you the practical steps to get the traction you’re looking for. I’ll take you from stuck to unstoppable.

I’ll help you gain clarity on three important questions:

  • Who am I?
  • Why am I here?
  • What do I do about it?

I firmly believe everyone was created for a purpose and I help you figure out what that is. I will help you to find your identity and what you believe in and work with you on your self-talk. You might have tried to do something about it in the past and failed. You’ve been inspired before but you don’t know what to actually do to make progress. I’ll not only help you to focus on your why, but also take it a step further and teach you the how.

I give you complete clarity not as your guru, but as a guide. I give you the a-ha moment where it all comes together. Everything you do and say, I will help you organize to bring clarity to your identity and into an actionable plan to reclaim hope for your life. People aren’t used to doing what they could be doing—in fact, it’s the opposite as most people operate below what they are capable of. I help you understand what you are really about and after and help you get there.

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