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Stephen Scoggins is a best selling author, an award-winning successful multi-million-dollar entrepreneur of multiple businesses, a motivational speaker who has spoken to audiences of thousands and the creator of the proprietary Life Mastery Framework affectionately named “Transform U”.

As a well-respected and sought-after business and life mastery expert, he challenges and motivates people to break through the obstacles that hold them back in their life, in order to guide them to become the person they were born to be.  As a part of that endeavor, Stephen has taken over 43 years of setbacks, failures, breakdowns, losses, successes, and comebacks and transparently uses them to provide simple, yet effective step-by-step exercises to help anyone become their own hero.

Since then, Stephen has been paying it forward creating The Journey Principles Institute an organization dedicated toward helping others experience freedom, taking them from being stuck to unstoppable in the areas of life and business..

Stephen Scoggins 

At a Glance 

Stephen has personally worked with countless people, including notable influencers, professional athletes, pastors, entrepreneurs, C-Suite professionals, soccer moms, students, and everyone in between. 

To add to his credibility, he launched an 8-figure exterior services construction company while sleeping in a borrowed friend’s car on hope, prayer, and a second-chance opportunity provided to him from one of his own mentors at the young age of 22 years old.  This helped him uncover the principles that work in life and business to elevate audiences from where they are to where they want to be.

(Custom Home Exteriors – AKA The CHE Companies) 

Authentic Experiences Matter

In Stephen’s travels across the country, there’s been one common thread, and that is that audiences are looking less for a “polished presenter” and more for an authentic one.  While Stephen never sacrifices a world-class experience, he’s committed to being real, effective, and relatable at all times.

When people don’t experience forward momentum in their lives or businesses, they end up feeling stuck, frustrated and overwhelmed.  6 out of 10 people in the United States’ population feel like their life or business is failing them, with nowhere to turn.  And to make matters worse, no one talks about it, leaving the worry and discomfort to continue to happen in silence. 

You and your audience may be in this exact place today, feeling like you’re taking one step forward and three steps back.  They end up giving up on their dreams and wondering what could’ve been.  Too often, entrepreneurs give up just before their greatest breakthrough; other people are bored with their profession, their relationships suffer, and the years slip by without accomplishing anything.

3 Phases of an Amazing Event.

What’s the purpose of a live event if not to give the audience something they can use that day to make massive progress?  Stephen shares from his heart and experience the wisdom he has accumulated over 20 years of running a multi-million-dollar venture.  You deserve to make progress and Stephen wants to help.


No one deserves to stay stuck in their life or business because they didn’t know any better.  To make progress, you need to get clear on what is being done wrong, and what needs to be done differently.  Stephen will help uncover your hidden blindspots and amplify the strengths of the entire audience. 


The reason people rarely take action after an event is because the event did not give them clear actions to take.  Stephen developed a set of proven strategies for life and business success that works for anyone from elite athletes and entertainers, to CEOs and C-suite professionals, and are so time tested and true that they offer consistent results.


It really is as easy as learning, applying, and kicking your life into high gear.  Once your audience puts these proven strategies for life and business to work, they will never have to be stuck again.  No more frustration…  No more stagnation….  Only momentum and forward progress.

Real Lives - Real Stories

It may seem like you’re stuck in a rut with life, but Stephen knows there’s hope.  The same proven principles he used to turn his own life around can work for you too.  Stephen’s goal is for you to go from stuck to UNSTOPPABLE, so you can live a life full of impact, and a life that truly matters, not just to you, but to those around you.



What People Are Saying

“Finally an anchor to any event”

“Anyone tasked with hiring a speaker for an event always knows that you’re on pins and needles. That is of course unless you hire Stephen. He makes me look like a winner every time.”

– Shawanda Fields, MSW Licensure & Training Program Manager

“Fabulous and Deeply Meaningful”

“Stephen Scoggins is a critical addition to our Reset Resiliency Programs for service members and their families.  He provides a moving testimony, an empowering way forward, and a trusted ear.”

– Kellie Willoughby, USO

“Another successful experience”

“Stephen has shown me how important it is to become a true leader and find independence in all areas so that I can give these gifts to others. I don’t want to serve myself. I want to make an impact.”

– Ryan, Raleigh NC

“Speechless…      …Simply Speechless”

“Stephen and The Journey Principles has inspired me to be courageous with my gifts while capturing my destiny for the kingdom of God and my passions!”

– Latasha Colander Clark, Olympic Gold Medalist

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  • Building The Life You Love By Mastering What Drives You
  • How to Build a Life Strategy That Works
  • The 7 Key Relationships You Must Have to Win at Life
  • 5 Must-Have Principles for a Personal Breakthrough
  • This Too Shall Pass and What Comes Next Will be Greater

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