My Daily Routine for Maximum Productivity

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Success requires diligent planning, implementation, and self-management. In order to get the most out of yourself, you will need to be far more intentional with your time and energy than the average person. Part of this is having great routines that allow maximum productivity.

Here I’m going to open up and share my daily routine that I use to be at my best. I’ve developed this routine after 22 years of entrepreneurship across six businesses. I hope it helps you on your journey of personal transformation.

Maximum Productivity Requires Self Awareness

Before we continue, take note: this is my daily routine that I use to be productive, but that doesn’t mean it should be yours. You may find that every single step I share here resonates with you and increases your efficiency 20x over. If that’s the case, fantastic! However, there’s a good chance that your personal routing for maximum productivity will look different than mine, and that’s ok.

I recommend using my routine as a plan you can test out bit-by-bit. Try applying 1-2 of these practices in your own life every 21-30 days or so, paying attention to whether or not they work for you. If they don’t, that’s ok. You will develop discipline in the process and learn something about yourself.

My Daily Routine for Max Efficiency

Step 1: Prayer, Meditation, and Thanks

You don’t have to believe in God or the supernatural to follow this step. The positive benefits of meditation, gratitude, and prayer are well-documented. They include, but are not limited to:

  • Lower anxiety/depression
  • Boosts in happiness
  • Calmer, clearer thinking
  • Increase in ability to focus 

These activities are essential because they open up your mind to opportunity and learning. When you’re in this state of mind, you can receive the best of that day. This is why I recommend starting with this step first. 

If you aren’t sure where to even start with this step, you can try doing one of the following for 10 minutes per day until it becomes natural:

  • Mindfulness meditation (use an app like Headspace or Calm)
  • Speaking positive statements out loud about yourself and your future
  • Journaling about things you’re thankful for

Step 2: Physical Activity & Exercise

Taking time to exercise is non-negotiable for maximum productivity. Physical activity on a regular basis is massively helpful for your overall physical health. When your body feels good, everything is better. 

If you aren’t exercising at all, set a goal to do some form of exercise three days per week for 20 minutes. Pick something that doesn’t sound too hard and that could naturally fit into your existing lifestyle. It could be walking, jumping jacks, push-ups, standing squats, or other things that don’t require gym membership or even a change of clothes. Ideally, you will want to blend cardio exercises (jogging, bicycling, etc.) with something that builds muscle mass (weights, body exercises, martial arts, etc.).

Step 3: Focused Review of Objectives

Most people miss out on maximum productivity because they don’t start their work day with a plan. I personally don’t know how you can get anything done without a task list. It keeps you focused and moving. Not only that, but accomplishing a task is encouraging and builds momentum, even when it’s small. Checking things off builds a sense of accomplishment that actually gets you more excited to tackle the rest of the list.

I recommend planning each day on the day before. This enables you to jump right into work each day while remaining flexible to new developments. 

Step 4: Use 15-Minute Time Frames

Budgeting my time according to 15-minute time frames helps me keep track of where my time is going. Time is the one thing you can’t get back once you’ve invested it. Therefore it’s crucial that you invest it wisely.

A 15-minute timeframe is great because it’s not so long that it feels overwhelming to commit while still being long enough to get things done. If you need more time, just schedule things in 15-minute blocks.

Step 5: Remove Distractions

The less you have distractions, the more you win. We all know this. However, we seem to not want to put in the time and energy to block them out of our lives. Maximum productivity means few or no distractions. When I create content, I remove my phone from the room and lock myself away from everyone, because interruptions kill flow.

One of the biggest distractions in this day and age is social media. I’m not saying get rid of your accounts, but I am saying be disciplined with them. Refuse to do them during work hours, look at them once-per-day, or use them only during set break times.

A second major distraction is meetings. Meetings are mandatory, but they must be done right. It’s very easy to have too many meetings per day, have them at the wrong times, let them run too long, and lose track of any agenda or purpose while they’re going on. Anytime you have a meeting, you must make sure it keeps moving.

Step 6: Brain Dump Accomplishments and Objectives

I like to do this at the beginning of the work day before I go home. Before calling it a day, I brain dump everything I can think of that isn’t finished or is upcoming. Once I do this, I prioritize them. Getting this off my chest at the end of the day helps me be present with my family once I get off work. 

Step 7: Rest & Reflection

You must plan for rest and reflection to maintain maximum productivity. Without time to decompress, you will burn out. I don’t care who you are. 

Rest can look different for some people. Extroverts may prefer spending lots of time with friends, while you may prefer sleeping all day in a hammock one day per week. Whatever recharges you, do it regularly, no matter how much you have going on.

Rinse, Lather, & Repeat with the Journey Principles

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