How to Fix a Broken Relationship

Every relationship has its problems. The question a lot of people struggle with is whether a troubled relationship is worth fighting for or if it’s better to abandon it. Far too many times I’ve seen great couples who start out great but end up leaving each other after a while, simply because they don’t know […]

Kivo Daily Offering Real World Solutions With Stephen Scoggins

As a thriving business mastery expert, he dedicates his time to helping and teaching people how to make their biggest dreams in life a reality. Whether it is building a successful career, a business empire, or amassing material wealth in order to have a comfortable life, Stephen has what it takes to make it happen.  […]

American Reporter Sits Down With Stephen Scoggins

When Stephen was 16 years old, his father’s employer pulled him aside without any warning and started giving him unsolicited advice. The insights he gathered in that single encounter made him realize later in life how important it is to have a mentor, someone who speaks the truth and who is not afraid to make […]

Overcoming Conflict: How to Identify the Source of Your Setbacks

overcoming conflict, stephen scoggins, journey principles

At the Journey Principles Institute, we define conflict as anything standing in the way of your success. Conflict is when reality doesn’t meet your expectations. It can be setbacks, trials, or any form of resistance. Often it’s within you, and that’s when overcoming conflict is more important than ever. Overcoming Conflict Believe it or not, […]

How to Build an 8-Figure Mindset

Six videos to help you build a multi-million dollar empire and dominate the marketplace