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Winning in life and business is no accident. And with the right strategical steps, anyone can achieve their wildest dreams. Stephen Scoggins is a Best Selling Author and successful multi-million-dollar entrepreneur and motivational speaker. Stephen took his first steps as an entrepreneur while sleeping in a borrowed friend’s car and getting the tools he needed to start his first company out of the surrounding trash piles. He uses his true-life experiences to open new doors of possibilities in Life & Business Mastery.

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Life & Business Mastery?

It’s time you get to be an impact player yourself. Your audience needs to win at life, business, and career. You can help your audience break free from years of wasted efforts and broken dreams.

What they are really after is a term called “Life Mastery”, the place in time when every area of your life converges and working in complete unity for today’s success and also lays the groundwork for your future. When you are winning in your life, you secretly give others permission to do the same. So when you when so does everyone around you.

Level Up Your Event?

The problem they have not been able to get traction. You can help to solve this problem by playing a role in making sure they are getting a message that matters. Ah-Ha Moments are born out of the ignition of thought, dream, or a new perspective. You know they want to live a life of freedom, passion, and lasting security.

But there always appears to be an invisible force field or roadblock preventing them from getting lasting traction. Inside you know they were meant for more and deep down they deserve to achieve more. They are stuck because they don’t have the resources they need to build the future they desire. Help them not to waste another day spinning their wheels. 

Turn your event into an inspirational education the breeds consistent results!

Booking Stephen is Breeze

Here is How It Works


Stephens calendar fills up quickly but that’s no reason not to check. For the right mission and with the family on board Stephen will work to help make your event one to remember.


Stephen’s vision is to help play an active role in transforming a million lives, businesses, and careers. Does your event have that opportunity? Great, he would love to partner with you. 

STEP 3 Enjoy Your Success

Great partnerships breed great results, and when your event is amazing. Then you will be that talk of the office as you take the stress of planning your speakers and turn it into actual gains for your organization. 

What Others Are Saying

“Finally an anchor to any event”

Anyone tasked with hiring a speaker for an event always knows that you on pens and needles. That is of course unless you hire Stephen. He makes me look like a winner every time.

– Shawanda Fields

MSW Licensure & Training Program Manager, NC Department of Health and Human Services

“Fabulous and Deeply Meaningful”

Stephen Scoggins is a critical addition to our Reset Resiliency Programs for service members and their families.  He provides a moving testimony, an empowering way forward, and a trusted ear. 

– Kellie Willoughby

Director of Operations , USO of North Carolina

“Speechless” Simply “Speechless”

“Stephen and The Journey Principles has inspired me to be courageous with my gifts while capturing my destiny for the kingdom of God and my passions!”

– Latasha Colander Clark

Entrepreneur - Olympic Gold Medalist , TV Personality & Producer

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True Life Mastery Is About Protecting The Priorities

Stephen has learned that the greatest impact you should ever make is the one you are the most responsible for. When you learn the framework you get to live out a life of meaning, passion and spend time where it matters most just like I have been able loving my beautiful wife Karen and watching our three children, our grandson and our pit bull mix rescue grow,

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