Turn Overthinking Into a Superpower | John Acuff

Today Stephen is interviewing Jon Acuff. Jon is a New York Times Best Selling author and motivational speaker. For over 20 years he has helped some of the biggest brands in the world tell their story, including The Home Depot, Bose, and Staples. Jon has spoken to hundreds of thousands of people at conferences, colleges, companies, and churches and was named one of INC Magazine’s Top 100 Leadership Speakers. His critically acclaimed work has been published in more than a dozen languages around the world.

Jon knows, like we all know, that finishing a goal feels amazing. He wants that feeling for others and has dedicated his life’s work to helping others finish their goals. Because the future belongs to finishers. In this show, Stephen and Jon discuss his new book, Soundtracks.

Next Steps Mentioned in This Podcast:

  1. Listen to my podcast “All It Takes Is A Goal” with Jon Acuff.
  2. Go to Acuff.me to learn more about Jon Acuff.
  3. Social Media – jonacuff on most social media platforms.

Topics Discussed in This Podcast:

[0:48] – Book Process.

[2:29] – What is a Soundtrack?

[4:33] – Understanding where you are, so you can choose to do something different.

[8:19] – Super Problem to SuperPower.

[10:45] – Virtual Soundtrack.

[13:25] – Troubleshooting changing your soundtrack.

[17:53] – How to change your soundtrack.

[21:08] – Affirmations.

[25:00] – Neuroplasticity.

[26:10] – Self-talk increases self-care.

[28:57] – Symbols.

[32:08] – Process of choosing symbols.

[36:22] – Approach to failure.

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