This ONE THING Is Holding You Back From SUCCESS & HAPPINESS! | Jesse Ross

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This ONE THING Is Holding You Back From SUCCESS & HAPPINESS! | Jesse Ross

Jesse Ross is on a mission to inspire change and effective action toward building the future. He believes that dreaming “big” is failing us, so his call to action is Dream WIDE! Jesse says, “Commit to the success of others and everyone succeeds, including YOU!”

Jesse is nationally regarded as a cultural architect with a passion and track record to re-imagine complex problems and curate real solutions that inspire and lead to large-scale change.

As a speaker, entrepreneur, and community activator, Jesse strategically develops and mobilizes both financial and human capital to create systemic change. He founded multiple ventures including the development of a large-scale community activation software that was sought out and acquired by Golden Volunteer out of Stanford.

He is also the founding director of GoBE, a 501c3 that mobilizes thousands of volunteers and faith communities to throw “Welcome Home” parties and move homeless Veterans and families into permanent housing across Los Angeles and Central California.

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