This MINDSET SHIFT Will Let You ACHIEVE ANYTHING! | Matt “Supes” Ramos

Matthew is an 18-year-old entrepreneur and from the time he was born he has loved Superheroes. And although many boys grow up loving superheroes, what makes Matthew different is that he has a rare condition called 47, XYY, or as it’s more commonly referred to, Superman syndrome. It’s called this because it is a condition that affects only boys where they are born with an additional male sex chromosome. It occurs in only one in 1,000 males, and Matthew is one of these boys. He grew up being made fun of and not feeling very good about himself as a result. Still, his love for superheroes persisted.

It was when he saw Spider-man, with Tobey Maguire, that a quote in the movie touched his life and changed it forever. In the movie, as Peter Parker blew away the love of his life, he utters the quote “This is my gift. This is my curse. I am Spider-Man!” Peter finally accepted the things that made him different and stopped viewing them as a curse; and by doing that he lived up to his full potential. This is where Matt realized that his whole life, he’d been looking at the things that made him different as a curse when, they were really his greatest gifts!

Now, he just wants to use this one life, to inspire others to use the things that make them different to make the world a better place and to become a superhero of their own! From the moment he was born to this very day, his passion for superheroes has only grown exponentially. So he has decided to pursue a life that most people don’t dare to dream and go all in and turn his passion into a lifestyle to be able to entertain, inform and inspire using what he loves – superheroes.

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