The SECRET To Completely Heal Your BODY & MIND Today! | Scott Stabile

Scott Stabile loves LOVE. Today he talks with Stephen about his book Big Love and his message for love in this world today that so desperately needs that love. When we learn of Scott’s background, it’s amazing that he has such a positive and loving attitude toward the world, because he wasn’t dealt the best hand as it were.

Scott’s parents were murdered when he was just fourteen years old. Then, just nine years later, his brother overdosed on heroine. He grew up around a lot of addiction and tragedy. In addition to this he struggled with his own shame over his sexuality because he is a gay man. All of these situations created a very difficult world for Scott to grow up in. After the tragedies he faced at a young age, he lived in a cult for 13 years, before finally building the courage to walk away.

Now, Scott believes the way to healing is through honesty and living out in the open with your life and spreading love to others as much as possible for that is what this world needs. He is inspirational to watch.

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