The ONLY VIDEO You Need To Unlock Your TRUE POTENTIAL! | Leslie Zann

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The ONLY VIDEO You Need To Unlock Your TRUE POTENTIAL! | Leslie Zann

Leslie Zann is an entrepreneur, professional speaker, and author. In this episode, Leslie talks with Stephen about her new book, Outrageous Achievement, which is about tapping into your limitless potential and creating the life you’ve always wanted. She wrote the book after making changes in her own life upon recognizing she had been settling for ‘good enough’ rather than living her dreams.

Then, she chose to stop settling and claim what she truly wanted in every area of her life.
In this interview and in the book, Leslie discusses how people settle for less in their relationships, career, health, and even their creative expression.

Ultimately, Leslie wants to empower people to discover their outrageous courage, find the discipline to accomplish their goals, and achieve what they never thought possible.

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