The FASTEST WAY To Get Ahead In Life (START DOING THIS) | Geoff Woods

Geoff Woods is the Co-Founder & President of ProduKtive®, the training company behind The ONE Thing, and the host of The ONE Thing podcast, which is in the top 5% of all podcasts in the world. Geoff is an advisor to executives ranging from small businesses to the Fortune 500, helping them design the future of work, and create cultures where people are clear on what matters most so they achieve extraordinary results. Geoff is a keynote speaker and consultant.

In this podcast, Geoff talks with Stephen about how to view time as an investment. According to Geoff, “Time is your most valuable resource. The problem is most people spend their time instead of investing it. Our days are filled with distractions: emails, phone calls, meetings, and other interruptions. They steal from our most valuable work and keep our teams working longer hours at the expense of their personal lives.” His mission is to help change our view of time and how we allocate it.

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