The #1 SKILL To Be Successful In The TWENTY FIRST CENTURY! | Jay Abraham

Jay Abraham is an American business executive, conference speaker, and author. He is known for his work in developing strategies for direct response marketing in the 1970s. In 2000, Forbes listed him as one of the top five executive coaches in the US. He is the founder and CEO of the Abraham Group, a marketing consulting firm focused on providing growth strategies to businesses.

Abraham is the founder and CEO of The Abraham Group, which provides business consulting focusing on direct response marketing. His clients have ranged from small entrepreneurial organizations to international corporations. His services include providing corporate executives with growth strategies. In his role as a business and marketing consultant, Abraham has assisted over 10,000 companies from over 400 different industries on a global basis.

He has written books that address economic strategies, following the early 1990s recession and the recession of 2008. Abraham has also served as a keynote speaker at corporate events and conferences in countries throughout the world, including the United States, Mexico, Russia, China, and Australia. He is also a direct response copywriter.

Jay has spent his entire career helping executives solve problems and fix business. His unique approach to business strategy consulting has significantly increased the bottom lines of over 10,000 clients worldwide. He has been featured in USA Today, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, and San Francisco Chronicle.

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