REPROGRAM Your Mind To Achieve SUCCESS TODAY! | Sir Marco Robinson

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REPROGRAM Your Mind To Achieve SUCCESS TODAY! | Sir Marco Robinson

Sir Marco Robinson is the creator of the prime tv show “Get a House for Free” on Channel 4 TV Station in the UK — a number 1 bestselling author of 2 books, an award-winning entrepreneur and a philanthropist; knighted for his work with charity particularly in helping the blind in Malaysia be allowed guide dogs to be allowed into the country. This initiative started with the successful short documentary “Are You Blind” attracting over 15 million viewers on Facebook and YouTube.

He is also starring in his first movie “Legacy of Lies” a stunning Spy Thriller. He has also appeared on Bloomberg TV, the BBC, The USA Herald, The Daily Mail, Flybe’s INFLIGHT Magazine, Readers Digest, Men’s Fitness Magazine, the MAIL Online, Ogilvy DO Debates, The Daily Globe, FOX News, The, The Napoleon Hill Foundation & many more…

After making it to the top of the Corporate World, by taking a Malaysian Public company from broke to 1 Billion Dollars in three years, he soon realized that the employee life was not for him and decided to break the rules. He became a #1 Bestselling Author of the legendary book “Close the deal and Suddenly Grow Rich”…and “The Financial Freedom Guarantee – a 10 step award winning property buying system.”

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