Pro Boxer Explains How To ACHIEVE ANYTHING & Overcome ADVERSITY! | Maurice Lee

Maurice “Victorious” Lee was raised in Sacramento until the age of 15. Lee learned that he needed to fight to survive in his environment. With his father in prison and growing up with 10 siblings, Lee’s mother pushed him into street fighting at just five years old. The neighborhood placed their bets and Lee collected wins every time. His raw talent as a fighter helped him deal with more than what he went up against on the streets. Lee’s mother drifted in and out of jail as she continuously battled with her personal challenges in life.

He spent most of his childhood being shuffled around from one foster home to another. When Lee was eleven years old, he faced a tragic incident that could have been fatal for him and his brother. Lee was shot 7 times and was left with injuries so severe that he had to wear a special helmet to reshape his head. His brother was blinded for over a year because of the attack. There are still bullet fragments lodged in Lee’s head and face—a constant reminder of his troubled past. He is living proof that whatever doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger.

If Lee could be described in just one word, that word would be “ambitious.” There’s nothing that he can’t overcome in the ring that’s any worse than the adversity he’s faced in his personal life. Whenever he looks back to where he started and where he is now, he becomes restless and determined to continue climbing his way to the top. For Lee, there is no going back. There’s only now, and what the future holds.

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