Overcome Your STRUGGLES To Unleash Your Inner STRENGTH | Tyler Ransom

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Overcome Your STRUGGLES To Unleash Your Inner STRENGTH | Tyler Ransom

Tyler Ransom (19) is an American singer-songwriter and guitarist with a steep background in Jazz, Blues, and Rock & Roll. His music defies boundaries as his sound is heavily influenced by John Mayer, Bob Dylan, B.B. King, and UK artists, Loyle Carner and King Krule. He is currently studying music at The New School in NYC. He’s an avid chess player and eats a ton of vegetables in his free time.

From the age of 18 months, Tyler has been battling a rare kidney illness, called Nephrotic syndrome, which on many occasions results in hospital stays, countless medications and takes an exhausting physical toll on Tyler. Through it all, he has maintained a positive outlook on life that betrays his youth. He is a decade-long student of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, a perennial straight-A student, and an accomplished jazz guitarist with his own band, Tyler Ransom and the Handsomes!

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