Justin Schenck is the host of the INC Magazine top-rated podcast Growth Now Movement and host of the world-renowned event Growth Now Movement LIVE! But, looking back, you wouldn’t have picked Justin as the person who would GROW the most – Not at All!

If there was a senior superlative for Least Likely to Succeed, that would have been Justin Schenck. He found himself with a 1.7 GPA, while his mom was in the middle of a 20-year opioid battle and his dad was in jail. All signs pointed to no hope. Anyone would have said to him “you’ve got no shot, kid.”

Like most people, Justin thought that his past defined him. He thought that because he didn’t come from a great upbringing and didn’t have the resources that so many had, he felt sure he was destined to fail.

Then, at 19 years old he was introduced to personal development by a mentor of his. Justin became obsessed with the idea that we all have full control over the outcome of our lives, simply by choosing to grow. The realization that it doesn’t matter where we come from, but rather the choices that we make today to create a better tomorrow for ourselves and others is all that matters, was life-changing for Justin.

Justin launched the Growth Now Movement podcast in 2016. He had no idea what it would become, but now it gets played in over 100 countries every single week. Justin speaks all over the country on overcoming adversity, and most importantly, he’s discovered that we all have the power to create our own happiness, to grow into the person we were meant to be; and that we can all create the life we truly desire.

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