MILLIONAIRE Shares The SECRET To Building WEALTH In Real Estate! | Mike Simmons

Mike is a Real Estate investor, business coach, speaker, and author of the book Level Jumping. He also hosts the podcast Just Start Real Estate which discusses real estate investing as well as exciting interviews with top entrepreneurs where he gets to the bottom of their business to discover the secrets to how they became successful.

Mike became interested in real estate in 2003 while he was working at a low paying job and he realized he would need something more to retire on. He began researching but for years didn’t make a move until 2008 when he and his wife bought their first home to rehab and flip and then he was hooked. Since then, he has only learned from the mistakes and lessons along the way to become the success that he is today. Now, he uses the knowledge he has gained to help others who are just starting out in real estate investing, so that they know the truth and to help them be successful.

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