“If You Want To MANIFEST MONEY & SUCCESS In Your Life WATCH THIS!” | Mel Abraham

Mel is an entrepreneur, thought leader, speaker, trainer, and innovator who is obsessed about seeing the possibility in everything and everyone and helping people bring that to life.

Mel helps business owners and entrepreneurs build meaningful businesses so that they can have more profit, more fans, and more freedom. His principles help your customers become raving fans. Mel’s practices also help fill your life with fulfillment from a business that is in line with your values, on point with your higher vision, and connected to all stakeholders at an emotional level.

Mel’s greatest message and underlying force behind his vision came from a lesson he got from his son when he was only 6 years old. Mel’s six year old son drew a picture of a workaholic Mel which gave him the wake up punch in the gut he needed, and he realized then that it isn’t about “business for business’ sake but business for life’s sake” and that it is more important to get the meaning of business right before focusing on the mechanics of business.

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