IF YOU WANT To Live A Successful Life, WATCH THIS! | James Beck

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IF YOU WANT To Live A Successful Life, WATCH THIS! | James Beck

James Beck is a TEDx Speaker, Relationship Building Expert, Author, Innovator, Structural Integration Therapist, creator of Beck Balance Wellness Workshops, and founder of Give Beck. He teaches people how to transform relationships through service to others. His childhood was defined by an abusive father and suicide attempt, resulting in his dad dedicating 6 years to successfully repairing their relationship.

After speaking as a youth minister, he was encouraged by the audience to share lessons from that experience. This can be found in his book, “Hey Dad, Remember Me?” – Breaking Patterns of Generational Dysfunction.

In an attempt to remove the remaining PTSD and anxiety that lingered from childhood, he developed a way to use service as a means to create new neural pathways adjusting perspective and behavior. James tested his theory in a nationwide, year-long social experiment.

He gave away his possessions and served one person or family in each state for three days, only asking that they Pay-It-Forward. This epic journey reveals the kind of life-changing transformation that only happens when you learn to ‘Live by Giving.’

James teaches individuals and organizations how to use a service mindset to build, grow, maintain, and repair relationships, resulting in a remarkable ripple effect. One which has the ability to not only change your life and those around you but also the lives of strangers you may never meet.

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