How to Tell If He’s USING YOU! | Dr Stanley Tatkin

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How to Tell If He’s USING YOU! | Dr Stanley Tatkin

Dr. Stanley Tatkin is a renowned expert in the fields of psychology and relationship therapy. Dr. Tatkin brings a wealth of knowledge about the dynamics of healthy relationships and the importance of mutual understanding and support.

In this conversation, Dr. Tatkin delves into the concept that there’s no such thing as a universally ‘healthy’ relationship; rather, it’s about what works for the individuals involved. He emphasizes the importance of purpose and principle in relationships, going beyond mere feelings to establish a solid foundation for partnership.

Dr. Tatkin and I explore the idea of focusing on the relationship you want, rather than just the person. He shares valuable insights on creating a list of attributes and values you seek in a relationship and the importance of aligning with a partner who shares your morals and ethics. This approach, he suggests, is more effective than simply seeking an idealized partner.

Discover more about Dr. Stanley Tatkin’s approach to building and maintaining strong, purposeful relationships:

In this episode, you will learn:

– Dr. Tatkin’s insights on what constitutes a healthy relationship.
– The importance of establishing a relationship based on shared purpose and principles.
– Strategies for identifying and aligning with a partner who shares your values.
– Tips for self-reflection and growth in preparation for future relationships.
– How to effectively manage and understand triggers from past relationships.

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