How to Scale Your Business FAST

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How to Scale Your Business FAST

In this episode of BUILD with Stephen Scoggins, we are thrilled to have the extraordinary Chris Lee with us. Chris is a serial entrepreneur and business strategist. Today he shares his invaluable insights on building scalable businesses and creating a sustainable competitive edge. If you’re an entrepreneur looking to take your business to the next level, this episode is a must-watch!

🔑 Key Points Covered:

– Mastering Repetition for Success:
Chris delves into the importance of finding a repeatable, reliable product or service. Learn how focusing on a minimal viable product and delivering consistent, high-quality results can set your business apart.

– Overcoming Initial Growth Hurdles:
Discover why the leap from solopreneurship to a team-based business is the hardest—and most critical—step in your entrepreneurial journey. Chris shares practical strategies to manage and thrive during this pivotal phase.

– Creating Exceptional Customer Experiences:
Chris reveals how investing in customer interactions can transform your business. From handwritten notes to personalized service, learn how small touches can lead to big margins and loyal customers.

Chris also discusses the importance of setting realistic expectations, the value of continuous learning, and why every entrepreneur should consider building their business with an eye toward a future exit—even if they plan to operate it for the long haul.

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