How to Manage Your TIME for SUCCESS | Nicole Walters

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How to Manage Your TIME for SUCCESS | Nicole Walters

Nicole Walters grew up in Washington, DC in a home where money was in seriously short supply. She was an ultra-poor kid in an alien world – eating brown-bag lunches (sometimes her only meal of the day) next to diplomat’s kids with meals prepped by butlers back at their mansions. She felt that gap and knew she needed to close it. The way she saw it, you either got your name on the side of a building or spent your life cleaning one – and she wasn’t going to settle for a mop.

By the time she was just 28 years old, she’d already been a top-selling executive at Fortune 500s and was managing multibillion-dollar business relationships for an S&P International healthcare organization with a six-figure salary, first-class flights, and fancy hotels. But something didn’t feel quite right – her job was feeding her family but not her soul.

She’d been running a side business all along and now began trying to use what she had learned in the corporate world to monetize her passion. As she did, she decided to share her journey on Periscope, and people tuned in and asked questions. As she passed on what she was learning, something clicked. She LOVED showing people how to get paid for their God-given skills and talents, and for the first time in a long time, she felt like she was living in her purpose. And she made money doing it!

She quit her job live on Periscope and committed to teaching others how to monetize their lives. Since then, she has grown her company into a multimillion-dollar business. And what’s even better is that she’s been able to help hundreds of incredible everyday entrepreneurs, from all walks of life, add commas to their bank account and live in their purpose.

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