How To Live Life On Your Own Terms | Kyle Stupeck

Kyle Stupeck is a social media manager and a key team member behind the scenes on my team. Without Kyle, there would be no outward brand for me. In this conversation, Kyle shares his insights on the impact of social media on his personal and professional life, discussing the challenges and opportunities it presents. Even though I know Kyle, he shared a lot in this chat that surprised me.

Kyle also talks about how he overcame anxiety and found his path through creativity and authenticity, living life on his own terms. He emphasizes the importance of being true to oneself in a world increasingly dominated by social media influences. We also touch on the generational differences in perception and use of social media, and how it shapes our understanding of success and personal value.

In this episode, we cover:

đŸ”„ Kyle’s personal experiences with social media and how it shaped his career and self-perception.
đŸ”„ The role of authenticity in creating meaningful content and connections on social media platforms.
đŸ”„ Insights into the challenges faced by younger generations in navigating the digital landscape and societal expectations.
đŸ”„ Strategies for using social media as a tool for positive influence and personal growth.
đŸ”„ The importance of vulnerability and self-awareness in personal development and overcoming anxiety.



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