How To Fast The RIGHT WAY | Dave Asprey

Today, Stephen interviews Dave Asprey, American entrepreneur, author, and lifestyle guru. Asprey has become known as a “biohacker” or a body hacker, where he uses science to determine the specific combination of biochemicals necessary to improve the human body. Using his research and results, David Asprey has developed diets, developed a specialized coffee brand based on his diet, created other health supplements and oils, and written several books.

His latest book, Fast This Way, discusses intermittent fasting, and more specifically how to fast in alignment with your lifestyle. The book helps all sorts of people learn how to incorporate fasting into their life – whether you’re busy, on-the-go, working from home, holding a kid in each arm, and even for women – which many books don’t handle well. Asprey acknowledges that men and women are different and that they lose weight differently. He also has found that contrary to what we usually believe, fasting can actually make you stronger rather than weaker.

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