God Completely Changed My Life

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God Completely Changed My Life

In this episode of BUILD, I sit down with Ray Higdon to discuss his incredible journey from a successful network marketer to a faith-driven leader. Ray shares his recent spiritual awakening and how his faith has reshaped his approach to business and life. If you watch the channel and know me, you know that faith is the cornerstone of everything I do.

What We Talk About:

– Ray’s transition from relying on skills and tactics to seeking divine guidance.

– The significant impact of integrating faith into business practices.

– The importance of self-worth and identity in relation to your faith.

Ray also opens up about his struggles with self-worth and the breakthroughs that led him to a more fulfilling life rooted in faith.

0:00 – Introduction
0:20 – Ray Higdon’s faith journey and new book
2:45 – Achieving business success but feeling unfulfilled
6:30 – Realizing the need for a deeper purpose
9:50 – Encountering divine guidance
15:25 – Personal transformation and conversion
21:00 – Integrating faith into business practices
24:15 – The role of obedience in faith
30:00 – The power of prayer and divine wisdom
35:10 – Personal anecdotes of faith-driven decisions
40:55 – Impact of faith on marriage and relationships
48:20 – Addressing self-worth through divine perspective
54:30 – The significance of new creation in Christ
1:00:00 – Concluding thoughts and a heartfelt prayer

Don’t miss the full conversation to gain valuable insights on merging faith with entrepreneurship.

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