Endometriosis – The Real Story | Karen Scoggins

After rising quickly into leadership positions in the retail, travel, airline and music industry, Karen (Salley) Scoggins discovered she had a gift of helping people feel seen, heard, and valued. That was, until Karen found herself needing support herself.

When a very familiar pain known as endometriosis came back with a vengeance, leading Karen into her then 11th surgery and being forced into a complete hysterectomy at 30 years old, it compounded her already difficult physical conditions as a result of all the damage endometriosis had already created.

With a new determination, drive, and limited mobility, Karen co-founded EndoArmy, a nonprofit dedicated to helping women just like her feel, seen, valued, and heard.

EndoArmy has given her pain a purpose and a voice to those who have been suffering in silence for far too long.

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