DO THIS To Let Go, Destroy Fear & FIND YOUR PASSION! | Pascal Monmoine

Pascal Monmoine is a critically acclaimed professional, commercial, and portrait photographer, as well as a filmmaker, director, and producer. DO THIS To Let Go, Destroy Fear & FIND YOUR PASSION! | Pascal Monmoine Based in Durham, NC, Pascal gets commissioned by a very wide range of to shoot for them all over the USA, as well as in the Caribbean and Europe, both Photographs, as well Videos, Films, and Commercials. He also frequently shoots in Los Angeles where he has a large client base and following. Pascal is also an Artist (painting striking oils and acrylics for private exhibits and private commissions), and a writer.

Being a French native, his upbringing was surrounded by the endless visual beauties and richness of the countryside of the south of France, all being part of the artistic vision and sensibilities that he brings to all the Photographs and Films that he creates for his clients. Being so lucky to “see”, feel, find, and capture immense and endless beauty in everyone and everything, allows Pascal to incorporate such emotions in every Photograph and Film he creates. This explains in part why so many clients commission him to create powerful and soulful portraits, photographs, and videos for them for their business and marketing use, as well as for their personal needs.

Pascal will create beautiful, powerful, and soulful photographs and films for any of your needs, whether personal or business. And the fact that Pascal truly deeply loves people and connects to them as much as he does, delivers a fantastic experience while having him create great Photographs and Videos for you!

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