Do This ONE Thing To Change Your Entire Life | Eric Thomas

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Do This ONE Thing To Change Your Entire Life | Eric Thomas

Eric Thomas, better known as ET, is a critically acclaimed author, speaker, educator, and pastor. He speaks all over the world, bringing his incredible passion, energy, and teachings to every stage he takes.

In this powerful episode of Stuck to Unstoppable, ET talks about his new book “You Owe You” and why NOW is the time to take responsibility and control of your life. With so much going on in the world right now, we can sometimes get a sense of feeling lost and out of control. This book will be like a compass for you to find your way to where you truly should be.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

▶︎ How those around you shape who you are
▶︎ Who determines your value in the world (spoiler.. it’s only you!)
▶︎ Why your excuses are what stand between you and success
▶︎ What YOU OWE YOU means and how it will change your life forever
▶︎ and so much more!

Get yourself a copy of ET’s latest book right here →

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