“WATCH THIS To Find The PERFECT RELATIONSHIP Today!” | Apollonia Ponti

Apollonia Ponti is a certified coach, speaker, and expert that specializes in coaching men in dating and relationships. Growing up, she always had a passion for love and wondered why the movies portrayed love so different than reality. As a young child of only 10 years old, she would educate herself by listening to Dr. Drew and Dr. Ruth! Apollonia has been chasing the meaning of broken relationships, dating, and marriages — she’s had a calling for this from early on.

Apollonia quit her six-figure corporate banking job to pursue her passion — helping people find love through mastering their dating and relationship life. Growing up, she started dating and went through a whirlwind of toxic relationships and healthy relationships, as many of us do. She faced many challenges until she mastered precisely what she felt she needed – and that was to master her own confidence within herself in order to receive everything she wanted.

She took a year off dating to explore something that would enhance her life and to get more emotionally in tune with herself. Apollonia studied people’s behaviors, processing, and ways of thinking from both men and women — spending months interviewing and coaching men and women from all over the world in relationships, single, and married between the ages of 21- 65.

Her mission is to help give men the guidance this world needs when it comes to love. She wants men to know that no matter what walk of life they come from or what mistakes they have made in their past – they CAN make the decision to be the person in charge of their love life. Men can have the life of LOVE they have always dreamt of! Apollonia’s dream is for people to be excited to wake up and confidently go after what frightens them, to date a healthy, loving partner, and ultimately find the love everyone deserves!

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