If You Feel Overwhelmed In Life, WATCH THIS! | Anthony Trucks

After a sudden shoulder injury ended his NFL career prematurely, Anthony was forced to make a shift in his own life, by sheer necessity. He needed to provide for his wife and kid. Over the years, he experienced multiple highs and lows, even at one point considering taking his own life, before he discovered the path that he’s on now.

Anthony finally realized that he has a gift and a calling to help others and that’s the path he has remained on. He continued to work toward helping others but still felt like something wasn’t right. That’s when he realized he needed to focus on himself in order to get on the right path.

Anthony discovered that success only happens when who you are to your core, your identity, aligns with your life’s vision. He began taking the necessary steps to reprogram himself from the inside out. He spent years researching, practicing, and essentially rewiring his brain on a deep psychological level to achieve the necessary changes to become the person he wanted to be – this was beyond change – it was true and authentic transformation, and it was painful. But he put in the work and after years of trial and error, he slowly became a well-oiled “shift making” machine.

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