3 Hours High Octane Training to Help You Win!

“Attend a Virtual” With a Fully Interactive Experience

July – 10th, 2021, to Level Up Your Progress And Leadership


It’s time you discover your clarity and direction. Your business will not see the results unless you start showing up for YOURSELF every single day. You have the potential, you just need to unlock your authentic self to achieve clarity.

I take the framework from Transform U which takes you from, “Am I ever going to be happy?” to “Holy crap, why the heck did I ever wait so long to do this?” And built the foundation of this program on the 8 step process to achieve peak confidence, higher income, and professional development.




How Do We Get The Results We Desire?

We G.R.O.W.

Gain Perspective

Around your passion, gifts, skillset, and talent you already have. Tap into those forces inside of you that have been suppressed for so long. It’s time to understand WHAT you are good at and HOW to turn those skills into your business.

Organize a Strategy

You will learn how to map out a step-by-step plan to build up unstoppable momentum. You will also learn how to maintain constant progress on your goals without letting yourself down or continually feeling overwhelmed.

Remove Roadblocks

Discover that you are keeping yourself stuck. Say that again. You need to address the things internally that are in your way so you can gain the perspective you need..

Work Your Strategy

Put in the work knowing that the steps you are taking are the right ones to Win. The. Day.

This Bootcamp is designed to help you work through your plan. That is how you Breakthrough

Start putting the work in for yourself and your business

Stephen will help you:

Breakthrough Your Current Roadblocks and Reclaim Your Hope

Regain Your Confidence

Move the bar and reset better expectations and goals

Hyper grow your Earning Potential

This isn’t just another virtual master class with lots of information and no application. Stephen is not going to give you just great lessons and send you on your way. He is going to walk through changes you can make strategically to make real progress, immediately.

What You Can Expect

A Breakthrough Roadmap to Ensure You Are Capturing Your Dreams and Aspirations to Create Focus, Clarity and HOPE!

Discover your potential and grow your business exponentially and BREAK DOWN THOSE BARRIERS!


Packed With Amazing Value

That one can anyone can afford

Live Access to Stephen Scoggins: Retail Value $6,997


“Breakthrough Bootcamp” Workbook: Retail Value $97


Unlimited 2 Week Access to the Event Recording: Retail Value $397


FREE Life Strategy Call: Retail Value $200

TOTAL: $7,691


Creator of Transform U Live


From Homelessness
to Heart Felt Industry Leader
Stephen’s heart and mission is to go back and serve the person he used to be by providing the same mentorship, strategies, and techniques that he was taught to help you BREAKTHROUGH your limitations and exceed your expectations.

This is why he assembled many of his world-class thought leaders, friends and merged a deeply interactive experience with a transformational framework that he discovered after over 43 years of setbacks, heartaches, and successes to take the sting out of life and the fear out of just getting started. More About Stephen


What Will it Be Years of Pain or Undeniable Progress

Sometimes we can easily fall into a life of status quo and find yourself stuck in place without a clear direction. We know what transformation is waiting for you but you need to reconnect with amazing mentors, a proven framework, and the confidence to win.

What would it feel like ...

To know who you are at your core, know where your life is headed, and more importantly what steps to take next to get the massive results you are looking for.

What would it feel like ...

To know you are making regular unstoppable progress?

Who could you help ...

If you just knew what to do yourself and had valuable knowledge to share.

What would it be like ...

To wake refreshed, passionate, and knowing that what you are doing matters?



Question One

The Breakthrough Bootcamp will be held anywhere you have a reliable internet connection. For the best possible experience, we recommend attending from a desktop or laptop computer and printing out the course materials that you will receive after your purchase.

Question Two

The event will be held on February 27th, 2021, starting at 8 am Eastern Standard time until 4:30 pm. There will also be several 15 minute breakthrough out the day with a 1 pm Est lunch break for 1 hour.

Question 3

Yes! Our goal is to impact and elevate lives, and if you would like to help a friend do just that, make the investment yourself and have them log in with the credentials sent you via email. (Limit one attendant per admission) Once logged in please have them introduce themselves in the chat window as a guest of (Your Name)

Question Four

“Breakthrough Boot Camps” occasionally have available scholarships available based on the generosity of wonderful people just like you have already experienced the power of the Transform U Process. To check for scholarships, please email a minimum of 3 days before the scheduled event. (Scholarships in the subject live)

Question 5

All attendees will receive a replay of the entire event after to watch at their own pace for a minimum period of 36hours after the close of the event. However, all live attendants may have access to special content and bonuses for the successful completion of their attendance.