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Get Access To 3 Full Days Of 13 World Class Industry Leaders Sharing

How They Changed A Few Simple Perceptions And Ended Up Becoming Unstoppable!

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Change Is Easy

When You Have A Reference

Most of us didn’t grow up with parents who were industry leaders.

In fact, most industry leaders of today didn’t have family members to look up to for guidance. 

Without good references to help guide you, you’re stuck trying to figure out everything on your own… as if starting a business wasn’t hard enough. 

When I speak at mega events like Transform U, I’m not just there to present what I’ve learned. I’m there to learn from all of the other industry titans. 

Their solutions, strategies, and life stories are like fuel that keeps me going when I think I’ve hit my last dead end.

But I know not everyone can hop on a plane and pay the $1997 ticket price to attend in person.

So I made it a point to record every session from our last Transform U LIVE event so you can still get access to all of the insights that are shared during these transformational experiences!

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This Event Is Bigger Than Your Business’ Success

Transform U LIVE is designed to give you a playbook for life, and even more importantly, the courage to use it! 

In order to create unstoppable momentum you need to understand one thing: every day that you spend WITHOUT following a proven roadmap for success is another day your personal dreams and aspirations are slipping through your fingers.

This doesn’t just apply to your startup. It applies to your life!

What you learn in this event will challenge all of the “facts of life” that hold us back from reaching our full potential.


“The way that he was able to take my business after just knowing me for a few minutes and articulating it into something something where I can walk away and put actionable steps to it... it as if he has been my business Mentor for years!”
"I learned that time is more valuable than any other commodity we have. Stephen gave me another moment that had me crying, and I thank God for him and his charitable love he sews intro peoples life to see them transform."
"Mind-blowing. Stephen made me realize that you can't move forward unless you address the past. Do the work, don't run from it, don't hide from it. If you're on the fence, JUMP! You will not regret it.

13 World Class Thought Leaders Here To Help You

Transform Your Business And Your Life



How To Break The Cycle Of “Mindless Habits” And Take Control Of Your Future!

“Algorithm Of Attraction”

with Apollonia Ponti:

How To Confidently Go After What Frightens You And Foster Fulfilling Relationships!

“Mastering Your Mind”

with Tom Bilyue:

How To Escape The “Poverty Mindset” And Empower Yourself In A World Of Negativity!

“Overcoming Limiting Beliefs”


How To Build Our Belief TO Become Unstoppable!

And a whole lot more…

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