American Reporter Sits Down With Stephen Scoggins

When Stephen was 16 years old, his father’s employer pulled him aside without any warning and started giving him unsolicited advice. The insights he gathered in that single encounter made him realize later in life how important it is to have a mentor, someone who speaks the truth and who is not afraid to make […]

So-Influential on Stephen Scoggins’ Upcoming Book Leading Inspiration

Stephen Scoggins’ upcoming book, From Stuck to Unstoppable, focuses on empowering people to chase their dreams to essentially live the meaningful life they desire. Stephen continues to challenge and uplift people to break down the obstacles holding them back to reach their version of success. Stephen has taken over decades of failures, errors, and setbacks and transparently incorporates those experiences to provide […]

Kivo Daily on Stephen’s Scoggins Path to Success

Dealing with homelessness and sleeping in other friend’s cars has shaped the individual Stephen Scoggins is at present. Through each adversity faced, Stephen managed to focus on his goals, dreams, and aspirations in search for a better future for himself. Without the guidance of his mentor, Stephen believes he would not have reached the accomplishments acquired throughout his journey throughout his career.  Stephen […]

Market Insider What It Takes to Make a Difference With Stephen Scoggins

From sleeping in a car to constructing multimillion-dollar businesses, Stephen Scoggins is a spokesperson to individuals seeking entry to the entrepreneurial world. “What I would like to be known for is how many lives I can help to create positive changes within their lives. My heart is to create a legacy that outlives my existence by changing […]

Grit Daily Case Study on COVID Economic Downturn With Stephen Scoggins

In over 20 years being an entrepreneur, and now owning a few companies, I have weathered many storms. Times like these will make you or break you. The truth is, in time, markets have always returned. However, some interruptions require innovation to adapt your service, products, and business model to marketplace. As I think about […]

Entrepreneur Magazine With Contributions From Stephen Scoggins

Being Bored Is the Best Thing That Can Happen to You Those great ideas in your head might not present themselves if you are constantly busy. “My boredom time is my creative time,” says Stephen Scoggins, and entrepreneur who started Custom Home Exteriors, and later launched the Journey Principles Institute.  “The picture gets a lot clearer […]